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Owner Services at The Alexander®

We are excited to welcome you to the online site designed exclusively for The Alexander All-Suite Oceanfront Resort Owner’s. The Owner portal is be your go-to resource for the latest information and must needed tools you need as an owner.

Please Remember: Owner Reservations are processed Monday – Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Please allow 2 business days (24 to 48 Business Hours) for processing and for a response email.

*Reservations requested within 20 days of arrival date may be declined. Please book in atleast 30 days in advance.

Due to hotel availability and the Condominium Exterior and Interior Renovations, we are unable to accept owner reservations for the following dates:


January 1-3

February 12-28

March 22-29

April 10-30  (Passover requests MUST be received and approved before March 20, 2019)

May 15-31

June 1-10

July 1-9 & 14-28

August 7-9 & 15-24

September 1-9

We are excited to announce the launch of your new Owner Portal. Please excuse our delay while we worked diligently to ensure the roll-out of your new Owner Portal was everything you’d expect.

The Portal has some great features which allow you to:

  • Manage your Owner Reservations.
  • See availability.
  • See future reservations.
  • View work orders for your Suite.
  • If you have more than one Suite, you can manage all of them with only one login.

For your Login Credentials please email us at:




Dear Fellow Owner,

We have closed Owner Reservations for Passover 2019, as always, we must have Owners who desire to use their Unit, request and receive confirmation for a reservation at least 30 Days or more in advanceThis courtesy is common in almost all Condominium-Hotels and some even require more than 30 days’ Notice.

Here at the Alexander Hotel, we strive to provide Owners with a satisfactory experience year-round with a very tangible usage policy. We do expect that all the Owners in the Rental Program respect our transient guests and their travel needs which they planned in advance.

We are seeing many owners request their Units with less than 30 days’ Notice to the Hotel Owner Services and this causes not only an issue with the Guest reserved in your Unit but also does not allow us to forecast our availability properly.

The 30-Day Policy has not changed in over 5 years and will remain in effect. Owners who violate this policy may be discharged from the Hotel Rental Program.

We certainly understand extenuating circumstances may happen where a family emergency or delayed flight may cause you to need your Unit for the night, this can easily be accommodated on a per Diem basis. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

The Alexander Hotel

Owner Services offers great Rental Progams to ease your Suite Management and better your Guest Experience. We are providing customized services to fit your needs. Currently we provide; Guest Registration and Check-In & Key Issuance*, to Housekeeping, Engineering and First Response.

Want to learn more? Call us today at 305-341-6564 or by email at


*The Guest will be required to sign a Code of Conduct and list all Authorized Occupants. 

Guess who entered the Vacation Rental Business?

Double the Fun, at the Alexander Hotel®, we know our Owners are invested in their Suite for high occupancy with an expectation of even higher rates. Now, you can have the best of both worlds, you can place your Suite with the Hotel as a Hotel or Vacation Rental. The advantage? Well there are many, the first being that during Miami Beach’s Low Season for Vacation Rentals, the Hotel can make use of your Suite for its many groups and clients to help fill that occupancy shortage.

Along with our new Vacation Rental Program, we are eliminating many of the fees common to Condo-Hotels, that way, more of the Revenue goes directly to you.

All Reservation Requests, Inquires on availibilty, Revenue Questions and other Owner Services related communications should be sent to, this helps expedite a reply to you. 

General Manager
Facundo Y.

Marcos Real Estate Services
Miriela M.

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